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One evening after reconnecting with another childhood friend over Zoom, each of us trying to create a sense of normalcy in the best way that we could, I sat down and asked myself why the pandemic had left us both feeling so old, demotivated, and uninspired. That question sparked an idea, and that idea became Yabayki:

You Are Beautiful And You Know It

the brand that is flourishing today. I created Yabayki because I believe in what I call Beauty with Purpose. Every woman should feel beautiful, confident in their own skin, and motivated to achieve anything their heart desires, no matter where they are in their life’s journey. 

Even though I spent my childhood evenings playing different sports and was never the most popular girl (much less the prettiest!), I always felt a spark of confidence whenever I stepped out onto the field with my favorite shade of lipstick on. Even this surprisingly simple addition to my daily routine made me feel more confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the day. I realized there’s no harm in creating an ‘out-the-door’ look with a little something to highlight your inner beauty for everyday wear, or even an extra special ‘bam-glam-yes-ma’am’ look for those nights you’ll want to go all out. 


As Yabayki continues to grow as a community, more and more women every day are starting their mornings feeling radiant, with my large variety of options formulated for every skin type from classics to minerals to meet all your needs. 


Ultimately, the goal of my brand is to create a lasting change not only on the outside but in the hearts and minds of everyone who receives Yabayki lipstick. That's why I am taking small steps to ensure every woman on the planet will have access to makeup that will leave them feeling more beautiful, confident, and radiant just as I know my products will make you feel when you wear them. For each Tri-pack that is sold, a lipstick from my collection will be given to women who are victims of abuse or struggling financially. A lipstick for a lipstick, so you’ll feel even better knowing that your purchase has made someone’s day just that much more radiant too. 


I dream of going far, I am visionary. I am passionate. I have the energy and drive to achieve anything I put my mind into. Hustle and a heart is what sets me apart. Thank you for reading my story, and for giving me the opportunity to help you feel just as radiant on the outside as you are on the inside. 


All my love, 


Camille “Cammie” Aponte


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